The business analyst: The pivotal IT role of the future

Change is the norm, fierce competition is the driver,

and lean thinking is the latest call to action.
Information Technology (IT) has finally come into its
own, now viewed as a value provider as opposed to
a cost drain. With the stakes so high, IT organizations
are faced with an extraordinary combination of
pressures to deliver value to their organizations in
terms of added revenues, avoided costs, lower taxes,
higher productivity, less employee turnover, less risk
exposure, etc. Competitive advantage is now linked
to an organization’s ability to rapidly deploy IT
solutions, and to change those systems as the
business need evolves. IT projects must not only
deliver high quality products faster, better, and
cheaper (traditionally the responsibility of the project
manager), they are also under intense scrutiny to
positively impact the bottom line (increasingly, the
joint responsibility of the project manager, project
sponsor, and the business analyst).