The New Workstyle

Nov 14

The New Workstyle blends the latest technologies and tools with our daily activities allowing us to accomplish more in both personal and professional endeavors, accelerate ideas of our own, and lead more productive lives.
Unlike workflow which is defined by scripted and static process for everyone to follow, workstyle is unique to the individual who calls upon information, technology, and connections as needed.
This definition along with our understanding of it will evolve as the pace of innovation accelerates and individual “style” is applied to work.  Jason Fried’s great presentation at a TEDx event about “<a href=””>why work doesn’t happen at work</a>” is an exclamation point on our concept.
We believe there are 10 characteristics of the New Workstyle:
1.  Mobile – always on and aware.
2.  Connected via hi-speed/broadband access – connected by a seriously big pipe.  No dial up in the new workstyle.
3. Self-sufficient – have their own equipment which is often superior to what is provided by their employer or used in lieu of (computers, mobile device, printers, software, etc.). Demonstrate<a href=””> resiliency</a> in their ability to navigate and thrive in an increasingly ambiguous workplace (and world).
4.  Virtual – location independent with minimal impact on contribution.  In fact, productivity is higher as the lines between work time and personal time blur along with designated work and personal locations.
5.  Broad personal and professional on-line networks – meaningful connections across social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn that are not just collected and counted but leveraged and often engaged around questions or for advice.
6.  Productive – not obsessed with productivity per se but owns the concept and applies it every day focusing on outcomes and accomplishments versus activities.  Is always looking for tools and methods to improve an already productive daily pace.
7.  Off-line driven – an important dimension of the new workstyle is both a consciousness and focus on off-line, person-to-person interactions facilitated by on-line tools and forums.
8.  Balances work and personal lives –  knits both work priorities and commitments with personal pursuits throughout the day (and night) combining flexibility with increased overall productivity and contribution to both.
9.  Gives back – thinks beyond themselves to causes, community, or others less fortunate and uses their connections and resources to make significant contributions.
10.  Intellectually curious – constantly seeks out new and betters ways to work by experimenting with new tools, listening to others, and critically examining the things they do and why they do them.
What do you think?  Are there additional characteristics to the New Workstyle that we are missing?  How would you describe your workstyle?  Leave a comment below

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